HS2 grrr!

Driving me mad now, what to do? had a letter this a.m. looks like they will definitely buy our house at full market value…but we don’t really want to move, this was supposed to be our last ever move, this was not even a proposed route! so not on any searches!..have seen a fantastic bungalow, only problem, it’s in Lincolnshire,which would be fine,we’ve lived there before and still have some friends there, nearer to hubby’s family but not mine! have not seen anything else I would want, just as I felt about this one, without having physically seen it! going to phone the estate agents tomorrow, see if we can get the builder on the phone to discuss a couple of necessary changes, they are not even finished yet, so not too problematic! We had pretty much decided to stay here, but now HS2 have finally changed the perameters for qualifying properties, plus now decided they are not tunelling but building a great big high bridge, right in front of our house…If, they ever build it! What effect is this referendum going to have, if the vote is out? it is all addling my brains now…what would you do? We love this bungalow, but maybe we should get some valuations, got to be worth a lot more than we paid for it, it was a bit of a wreck, well a lot of a wreck, had been empty for 4 years!

Oh I am sorry. It sounds like the worst of all possible things. If someone slapped a compulsory purchase order on our house after all the work we’ve done to make it work for me, I’d be devastated.

But it seems that maybe you should get the house valued. And think again about where you could bear to live.

You have my utmost sympathy.


Yeh, what dilemma!

You`ve probably sent fortune getting the house to suit your needs.

Will the referendum make a difference to the plans for HS2?


Well it’s not a compulsary purchase, but they have changed the distances at which they will buy properties, to me that sounds like ‘too close for comfort’ I know of one property,where they had only moved in 2 days before the announcement, it.is ridiculous that as this was not a proposed route,.it did not come up on the searches, we would not have bought Could definitely live in Lincolnshire, we did like it there and know exactly where the one we’ve seen is, so have to start on the phones tomorrow. I look out of my window now over the fields and try to imagine it and I just can’t! quite like the lambs and sheep bleating in the background, even used to the booms of the bird scarer!

TBH I don’t think that the Referendum will necessarily have that much influence on HS2 whatever the result. It is very much a scheme pushed by the UK Government and much loved by the Tory party (although not all of them). The split in the Tory party over Europe does not seem to coincide with any split there might be over HS2.

Other parties are a bit more clear cut on their views but they are not going to be the ones in power after June.

BTW I know that there are some really nice bungalows in Lincolnshire. I think that this because land in that area is (relatively) cheap which is good for bungalows because they tend to have a large footprint.

My late sister built a bungalow near to Boston back around the millenium after moving from Sussex. It was very nice indeed and it was a pity that she didn’t have much time to enjoy it. (Although I know she had great fun planning it - did you know that there is such a thing as a “brick library” where you can borrow samples of different types to get an idea about what they look like. There are a heck of a lot of bricks to choose and I think she looked at all of them!)

Hope that you end up in a place you love and feel happy in.

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Yes I know about the brick library, having had to source matches several times! have also searched for a suitable plot for the house we wanted to build, and have attended self build shows and seminars, came close once but the council turned down pp because they did not believe the plot was big enough, having seen what’s on it now-that decision still puzzles me! even had the quotes for drainage,so we could have got going straight away!..the trouble is we are happy here, but have seen only one bungalow that appeals to both of us! I think we have been spoeled with this one, we sold our house specifically to buy this! it is more square footage than the 4 bed we moved from.