How You Know Your Symptoms are MS?

Hi. This is my first time post anything here. I have this confusion about my symptoms.

I am diagnosed with spasmophilia grade 3 and get a medication for it. But I don’t getting any better and my symptoms are getting worse. I went to another neurologist (turns out that he is an MS specialist) and he also state that it is spasmophilia and it’s all in my head that I am getting worse. He said that I am ok and there is nothing to worry about. He even said that I don’t need medication. So I go back to my first neurologist because I believe that I need medications.

When I told my friend about my ‘illness’, she mention that my symptoms are very similar to MS, I started my little research. And I do have many MS symptoms. But how do you know these symptoms are real? I debating with my self whether it’s real or it is really all in my head.

I have brain MRI about 3 years ago and I think everything is normal back then. My EMG scan stating that I have spasmophilia and I have vitamin d deficiency. Then my doctor diagnosed me with grade 3 spasmophilia.

Now I have extreme fatigue, muscle spasm, weird sensation in my hands and leg, severe headache, etc. How do you know if it is MS or just a depression?

hi krystal

please don’t jump the gun.

your friend is not a neuro and they are the only people who can diagnose ms.

tackle your anxiety.

mindfulness meditation is fantastic.

i did the breathworks course which is all about breathing.

mental health professionals are aware of its benefits.

see if there are any courses you could attend.

let go of the idea of ms because that will just make you more anxious.

it doesn’t sound like ms to me.

now breathe!!

inhale for a count of 5, hold the breath for a count of 7, exhale s l o w l y for a count of 10 or more.

blow the breath out.

carole x

Hello Krystal

If two neurologists have examined you and seen your test results and diagnosed Spasmophilia, then I think you are better off believing them rather than a friend who thinks your symptoms look like MS.

Neurologists have a whole lots of physical tests which are quite good at judging whether a person ‘may’ have MS. Coupled with a normal MRI (albeit 3 years ago) and an EMG test, it seems that the doctors are probably right.

Bear in mind that a vitamin D deficiency also has physical symptoms, some of which are like MS symptoms, once your vitamin D level is right, these might improve a bit. You also have a medication for the spasmophilia, I would expect that this, perhaps with some therapy (maybe CBT?) would help.

Best of luck.