How to chase up a referral

Hey all,

I was finally diagnosed with RRMS in June this year and was given a list of DMT’s to review. Lemtrada wasn’t on the list and when I enquired about it, the Neurologist said it wasn’t on the list because they don’t offer Lemtrada in my hospital, but as I meet the criteria for Lemtrada they could refer me to Bristol so that I would be able to be assessed for the DMT there.

Long story short, they lost my referal paperwork, then were delayed in submitting it, and finally I have had confirmation that a referral has gone through on 17th August (2 weeks ago), and I’ve been signed off the MS team at my local hospital.

I haven’t heard anything from Bristol yet , and have no contact details to chase my referral. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get in contact with Bristol so I can encourage things along a bit?


see your gp who can chase it up on your behalf.

i don’t have confidence when contacting hospitals but GPs are fine with it.

how silly of them losing your referral and being late in submitting it!

Hi Kedge, that sound a bit messy on hospitals part! I’ve found best way is look online for neuro dept of whatever hospital, I’m presuming Southmead. Find a neurologist specialising in Ms and ring their secretary and ask what the situation is, or ring any neuro secretary if no specialist mentioned. You may have to leave a message and wait for call back, but most do ring back I’ve found. If no joy there then try neuro appts booking office and ask if you are on the system yet. I work as med secretary, everything takes up to months these days. Your referral may not have been looked at yet. August is espec slow month. My neuro secretary and neuro both on holiday during it, so things slow up more. Hope you hear soon. I’m waiting on same hosp for neck MRI appt, been waiting since May, my present neuro chased it up again in july. If you can’t find anyone whose heard of you, then go back original neuro sec and ask them to help. Julie

yeah it’s all be a bit messy, lost LP results, delayed / lost referrals. I seem to always have to chase them up to get things done.

I called the Southmead MS Nurses and they haven’t got my referral, but apparently that isn’t unusual as it takes a couple of weeks for the consultants to review referrals. Hopefully I’ll be back and out of this new limbo soon.