How tired is tired?

Hi all

I am seeing the consultant this week to discuss medication to deal with fatigue. I just wondered if anyone has any advice about taking meds / and or strategies you have used. At times the fatigue is so overwhelming, but other days with rest and lucozade I seem to cope okay…so I am not really certain how to progress - if I should continue without meds or see what they can offer?

Any advice would be SO helpful!

Thanks, and hope you are all keeping well.


i know this prob will sound like a cliche but i really do recommend ‘doing something’. be it going for a walk or sitting in garden or another room and concentrating on something different. this always gives me the strength for the want of a better word to ignore the fatique. sometimes it doesnt work and i need to go to bed and ‘switch off’ but other times if im feeling like i just want to put my head down but i can find that tiny bit of exertion that allows me to just get up and do something it really does help it pass.

i have been offered medication but at the moment im seeing if i can get the endorphins going in my head instead.

hope this helps

Hi K, I take amantadine from my gp,and slow release complete vit b complex,and LDN from my neuro.I have found that I have less fatigue although if I do too much I do get tired but feel that is what is more normal whatever normal is but I deff feel better.hope this helps take care.helen.x

I have found Modafinil to be pretty effective. Worth a try, I think.




I have tried amantadine but found it made me feel even more spaced out!

I find certain types of exercise helps and I have found that my diet affects it as well; high fat and dairy seems to make my symptoms, particularly fatigue, worse.

Thanks for the replies so far. Great to hear your experiences and ideas! Pondering continues. kx


I found Amantadine to be brilliant, it gave me a lot of my life back. I came off because it caused a few problems tried Modifinil but that did nothing for me, I have just today been put on a lower dose of amantadine-fingers crossed. It seems some things work better for some and not others, I would give Amantadine or Modifnil a try.

Marilyn x