How not to blub?!!!

Hi all, I have a meeting with the Headmaster tomorrow…and my union rep. Am worried sick…any strategies for how not to blub in front of him…really don’t want to give him the satisfaction as it’s bad enough he is trying to make me move roles, let alone seeing that he is really upsetting me. Emma x

Imagine he’s sat in front of you bol*ock naked lol

I did reply but it but be sat in the “pending queue” Been naughty… I said imagine him minus his clothes lol

Oh gosh, Emma…I’d be rubbish because I blub when I’m mad angry. I would also say, imagine him in his underpants but that make you cry too !! Maybe visualising a happy holiday beach scene ?!! Good luck with it though Xx

Remember you are British and keep a stiff upper lip. Failing that, you can always put it down to a symptom of MS and let him worry about it.

Hi, I think you just have to go in there, and listen to what they say, put your point of view across. Keep it polite, calm, don’t say anything more than you have to, don’t elaborate unless necessary. Tbh I still think you need the headmaster on your side, regardless of the outcome so try not to let it turn into a shouting match or any bad feeling to come across. Does headmaster know how much this is all upsetting you, have you told him? Good luck tomorrow. Cheryl:-)

Hi Emma

Think calm thoughts before you arrive,play calm soothing music and I always take a dose of rescue remedy when I know a meeting is going to be confrontational. Make sure you give eye contact. I usually dig my nails into the palm of one hand to stop tears and furiously take notes with the other hand. Your union rep should be able to take charge and take the pressure off you if you are finding it difficult. Chin up - will be thinking of you. Good luck - keep us posted.

I’m with Dinks - nails into palm is usually how I try to stop myself from crying.

But do make sure they are fully aware of how upset you are.

Good luck Emma. Lots of hugs


Oh Emma. I am the last person to give you advice on not blubbing. I do it all the time. Happy blubbing and sad blubbing.

Try and think of waves bashing against at the sea side. That usually keeps me calm and relaced. Deep breathing is another one.

I will be thinking of you and I hope the meeting isn’t too stressful.

Shazzie xx

Hi Emma,

Try writing down your points to stop you feeling quite so nervous. You will have something to refer to. Try some breathing techniques before you go in. If you really feel the urge to cry, try reciting a few times tables in your head to distract you (not for long though, you need to listen to the headteacher’s points too!). Negotiate a silent sign with the union rep before you go in. That way, if you give they sign, they will be able to take over for a bit to allow you to compose yourself. I teach too, so I do understand how you feel.

Best of luck,


Hoping it all goes well for you tomorrow. I know exactly how you feel as I have a tendency to blub at difficult conversations too. Nails in palm sounds good. A list of points to re-read to refresh your brain may distract you as well. I’ll be keeping everything crossed for you. xx

Im just glad my rep is going with me but am so worried. …some fab ideas for not crying…especially when my job is on the line!! I will try my best to be polite too!! Will let you know how it goes tomorrow. Thank you for your support all x

Hi Emya1,

I’m fairly new to this forum but when you go into your meeting tomorrow think of all the amazing support from the people on here, they’re incredible and so are you. Your headmaster is well an truly outnumbered. Think positive and all the very best of luck. xx

I had a very critical annual review at work. I was really upset was on the verge of crying but I managed not to by thinking this is bad but nothing compared with MS diagnosis: This will pass.

Worked for me and hope this tip may help you too

I had a very critical annual review at work. I was really upset was on the verge of crying but I managed not to by thinking this is bad but nothing compared with MS diagnosis: This will pass.

Worked for me and hope this tip may help you too

Thank you all sooo much. It’s amazing the difference having a union rep in the meeting makes. Last week he was bullying and intimidating, this week butter wouldn’t melt…makes me cross; however, I have made it clear i will not be taking the new role he has offered and that I want to stay a class teacher…but with adjustments in place. Seemed to be a constructive meeting and to top it off…i didn’t cry!!! Lol :0) seriously though, I was sitting facing him, thinking of all the support I have had from everyone on here. You got me through today :0)

Awwww. I’ve got a little tear in my eye now. So pleased for you though hun. Been thinking of you and so pleased it went better this week.

You can relax a bit tonight now.

Shazzie xxx

Go Girl you showed 'em. So typical of a bully to back down when confronted. So pleased for you. To steal dear Poll’s statement “they don’t like it up em Mr Manning”

Agree with Dinks. Bullies never show their true colours when there’s a witness in the room. Shame on him when he’s a headteacher …

Anyway, I’m so glad the meeting went well. Now let’s hope you get the result you want and deserve.

Tracey x

Soooo very pleased it went well for you today. Everyone is right about bullies backing down when confronted. And now he knows you’re not prepared to be pushed around things should be easier for you. Was the union rep pleased with the outcome too? Well done you. xx