How much to ask for to leave job

hi everyone, I have had loads of problems at work,I have ms.I am going to a tribunal later on in the year.We are having mediation soon done by the judge,my job have asked me how much I would take to terminate my employment I have no idea what to say? Has anyone been through this or got any idea about this. Hope you all understand why I am anon any help please because this is really stressing me out and to be honest I want a end to it. Thankyou

hi anon

you need some legal advice.

are you in a trade union?

try CAB

good luck

carole x

Have you got a legal adviser? I should think they would be best placed to advise you how much you should ask for, as they will know what the settlement was in similar cases.

As a starting point, you should work out what statutory redundancy would be. It won’t be much, but obviously no way should you be asking for less than that.

If you have contractual redundancy terms that exceed the state minimum, then you should calculate what you’d be entitled to under those. True, this wouldn’t be redundancy, but a compromise agreement. However, the end result for you would be equivalent, so I think looking at what you’d get if you were redundant would be the right ball park. If you are claiming compensation for injury to feelings etc. on top, then it could work out a bit more - but again, a solicitor would be best placed to advise.

I don’t think this is one to guess, because if you make an outrageously large request, it’s going to be laughed out of court, but it would be so easy to guess the other way, and choose a figure that’s so small, you’ve undersold yourself.


I agree with Carole, Tina and anon. It would be good to get legal advice first and talk numbers later. As anon says, formal legal advice for you is a legal requirement for making a compromise agreement stick anyway. Don’t give anything away until you have sought advice. Alison x

I used an employment law solicitor as I’d been offered 3 months salary and urged to take it by my union rep (!). I finally got 6 months salary + holiday pay tax free. It may also be worth finding out, if you have a company pension, if they can do anything with that too as my solicitor didn’t ask about that and in hindsight I wish he had…still, I was undiagnosed at the time so I was grateful for what I got.

Best of luck,

Mags x