How much space in the fridge

Hi, just about to start my Copaxone 40 mg injections, well waiting for the phone call about the delivery. Question, how big is a box, as need to plan space in the fridge.

Have been searching online but no luck. Wondering if need to get a small fridge for the meds.

An extra but, note that can be stored at room temp for a month but should be stored between 2-8 degrees. The smaller (can type) fridges don’t go as low as this but could one be used safely?


hi edward

the boxes of copaxone are about 7" x 5" and 1" deep.

i used to leave mine out unless we were having a heatwave.

i never had more than 2 boxes at a time.

those mini fridges are sold as beer fridges so might sound ever so wrong to use it for injections!

carole x

The 40mg boxes aren’t very big, probably 6inches x 2 inches and maybe 2 inches deep. I normally get 2 boxes which is 8 weeks supply and they don’t take up much space in the fridge. I always keep the box out the fridge that I’m using as they can be kept out of the fridge for 28 days anyway. Hope that helps Lisa x