How long for results after MRI ?

Ill be having another MRI quite soon. I have had two before but cant remember how soon the results are available.

Is it a week or so ? Just eager to see what they are this time.

Last 1 took a week, but it wasn’t for MS, that 1 took a day!!! I was an inpatient though. Hope it’s quick for you, horrible not knowing xxxx

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I`ll just ask them on the day.

Forgot to add, the MRI I had done for neuropathic pain I had to request. Took them 6 months!!! It read on the lines of, she (me) has indeed got neuropathic pain & her initial diagnosis of MS is the correct dx! that was it. Don’t expect too much on the day Scudger but they may surprise you, different areas may not be so slow, or hopefully so vague (was in the toilet roll tube for 1 hour, 20 mins) wasn’t much to send off to PIP! apparently I’m in pain & have MS, thought something was wrong with me, 2 lines confirmed it, only had MS 12 years, good aint they​!!! xx

I had an mri 4 weeks ago still awaiting results although am not diagnosed with anything

Whwn is your next appointment with your Neuro? I have had loads of MRIs - both before and after diagnosis and in different parts of the UK. In all but 1 case I was given the results at my next appointment with the Consultant. (I think that just sending the results to you with little or no explanation of the findingss is a bit pointles. And we can all see the effect of doing this in the regular stressed and confused posts on here from people who have had them like this) The only results I got in a letter were the results of my first routine MRI to monitor me on Tysabri (a new protocol introduced by my hospital)