How long did you have to wait?

The consultant sent off an application for me to get beta interferon on the 25 march. Just wondering how long people had to wait before it was approved and they got their meds. ( im a bit impatient and the consultants secretary isnt any help apart from to say it had been sent off)


kate x

My MS nurse of the time told me it was typically 8-12 weeks. I got lucky though and got mine in 5 weeks or so.

Karen x

I seem to have been very lucky and was given a perscription for Copaxone the day I was diagnosed and collected it from the chemist the next day…I’m in Ireland though so I think it works differently here.

thank you! We don’t have an ms nurse here as she retired and hasnt been replaced Guess it’s just a waiting game then!!!

Kate x x

I didn’t know it had to be approved by anyone other than a consultant, my consultant told me I had to choose which one to go on, a week later I spoke on the phone to a nurse who said she would get the prescription raised and collected and within a couple of weeks I had delivery, then a couple more weeks before the nurse came to show me how to use it (admin mix-up else that would have been quicker). He may well have had it approved already though I suppose as I went after a MRI which was about 2 months before the appointment. Who knows what they do behind the scenes?!

Hope yours gets sorted soon.


For me it was a very long time from what others had. I was given the go ahead last april and started in january this year.

I thought it was tad longer than the norm