how long did it take from treatment assesment to first injection

Hi i had my treatment assesment last month on the 8th results where they told me my ms was severe and highly active and i could have any if the dmds avalable i chose to give rebif a try first via the rebismart system but it 6 weeks later and im still waiting for it i have not heard a thing how long should it take because im starting to wonder whats going on

I have no idea as I had neuro appt 20th feb and told I would start dmd and havent heard a thing since.


Hi, it took about 4/5 weeks until a letter arrived from Bupa with information about Rebif and a delvery schedule. When my first delivery arrived I had a meeting with a Rebif nurse (at home) who trained me n how to inject and filled in my first months injection sites in the diary and set up the Rebismart. The whole thing took about two hours. Hth and you get answers soon. Lilbill x

I’m on Extavia and it took about 4 weeks between having a blood test and starting the drug.

Thanks its not as overdue as i thought then

Thanks its not as overdue as i thought then

Here in Northern Ireland they can not start you on DMT earlier than 13 weeks. I asked my MS nurse why the he** not as obviously the sooner the better and she didn’t even know why.

I got my DX on the 1st Feb and will be starting Rebif on the 1st May.