How long can mri results take?

Hi, I was wondering how long normally mri results take to get back? I had my 3rd at the beginning of October and havent received anything yet. The previous 2 times i was in hospital so got them back after a day. I was at my gp on friday and asked her if she had received anything and she hasnt yet but to expect a face to face consultation at the hospital. I was thinking this could be a positive thing but my gp advised me not to get my hopes up too much as it could just been down to how busy the hospital is with appointments. Has anyone waited this long for results? Thanks Polly x

Mine took 4weeks to come back Axx

Hi Polly, like you my daughters first was in hospital and she got it back next day. Her 2nd was on last Monday and her MS nurse phoned on Wed (2 days later) with results, when she was at the MS nurse on Wed morning he told us we had an appointment to get results on 3rd December but if there was anything on them we would hear sooner so when he phoned on Wed afternoon I knew it was bad news, she had more active lesions. Hope you get good news. L x

Hi Thanks for the comments, I called the hospital as my gp still hasnt received anything back and normally she can log in to a central system and review the result but nothing has been updated. Ive an appointment on the 26th I just havent received the letter about the appointment yet. So i will get my results then. Im hoping as it taken a wee while for the appointment that its good news for once. Polly x

Polly, the longer it takes the more likely the better news! Good luck! Chris.x