How do you tell?

Obviously relapses don’t last for a year or more, so at what point does a relapse become classed as residual damage?

I’m the oddball who’s going to disagree with you. I consistently get relapses every 3-4 years, and while they started out lasting 3 months, they progressed over the years so that the last one was around a year and a half.

I could barely get out of bed most days, had trouble dressing myself and brushing my hair, couldn’t chew or swallow solid foods, couldn’t trust myself with the stove, oven, or sharp knives. And I got through it all and am pretty good now, although it did qualify me for permanent disability.

I would say it depends entirely on your own personal history. If you never had these problems until this last year, and there isn’t any other indication that it’s a relapse, then I would say it’s probably permanent. Have you discussed the matter with your doctors?