How do you make a decision on treatment?

I have just been diagnosed with MS I am finding this hard as I feel the decisions are left up to you. I have been given 3 options and I can’t decide. 1 is tysabre 2 is cladribine and 3 is occrelizumab sorry if any of these are spelt wrong my ms consultants writing is awful. Has anyone got any stories about any of these options. I have been bambuzzled with science and finding it difficult to weigh up the options with a 6 year old child I can’t get past the risk factors involved in all and what this could do to my family.

Hi, when I had to make the decision, about 15 years ago, there were only four to choose from so it was easy to decide. But the decision was still largely left up to the patient as it still is now.

I would just say though that if you are concerned about the effect on your family of risk factors, side effects etc, weigh that up against the effect of your having a relapse that could floor you for months at a time. These treatments are to reduce the frequency and severity of future relapses so don’t underestimate them.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

Thanks I think this is what I am forgetting and b only looking at the possible side effects. I think it all feels strange making these decisions as you normally go to a Dr with a problem and don’t get given a option it’s just this is what you need to take. I am grateful I get a choice just maybe struggling as the diagnosis has come so quickly and then the choices straight away maybe I am still getting my head round the idea I have MS and I need to take that in first.



Welcome to the club . The advice I always give is to know that you can change treatment if needed. If you start on one but don’t get on with it for whatever reason - maybe it doesn’t seem to work, or the side effects are a pain or whatever - you can ask to come off it and try something else. I’m the same as Val, there were only 4 options when I started. The first one was awful. The side effects were really bad, and it did nothing to stop relapses. I stuck with it for too long. But when I did switch, things got a lot better. The new one massively reduced relapses, and had minimal side effects.

Good luck!


Thanks it’s nice to know there is support out there

Hi Pink101

Im in a similar predicament!

I to have been given a choice of treatments to start.

I had to come off my last one due to throat infections which I had every month although it’s not proved that the drug Tecfidera was responsible just my ms nurses opinion… my bloods were ok so I’m now wondering if it’s just me and I catch anything going

Good luck with your choice