How do you know what is a new attack and what is a symptom?

I’m going for my VER this afternoon. Can they diagnose MS by this? if not, how do they know when you are having your second attack? I have several lesions showing on my MRI.

Okay, I’ve been and it was normal.

VEPs (aka VERs) can show if there is something wrong with the visual system’s signals. A slow, but normal strength signal is consistent with MS. A normal speed, weak signal is more typical of a vascular problem.

People with MS can have a normal VEP, an abnormal VEP and have vision problems and they can have an abnormal VEP and not have any known vision problems.

It’s just one more piece of the diagnostic puzzle.

Knowing if someone has had a second attack can be done from observing their symptoms or, more commonly these days, from a repeat MRI - if there are new lesions, there must have been another attack, even if the patient has no new symptoms.

Glad it went OK today.

Karen x

I am soooo trying to get my head around this one. I had first symptoms in January, which started with trigeminal neuralgia, facial numbness and over a couple of weeks spread. I was left with numbness, but felt well for a month. Then this last week I have been hit by fatigue, complete right side weakness, numbness, pins and needles, speech problems, ie, no power in my voice or not being able to make a word come out. Would these be indicative of MS and if so would they be classed as two separate attacks? Thanks in advance for any insight Sam xx