How do you keep sane waiting for results ? plus update

Hi all

Still waiting for full lumber results.

The consultant has them, and doctors have them but nobody will tell me!!

Only thing they will say is I have an appointment with rheumatology !!!
Know they had found a problem on spine MRI but told nothing to worry about

Have you tried your GP? If the GP has had a letter (which, admittedly, would be a miracle for a number of reasons) then you might get some sense out of him/her.

thank you for your reply

called the doctor. Spoke to reception who cannot tell me the results. But did say they are back. Next urgent appointment is the end of Jan which i need to talk about results.

I would throw myself at the receptionist’s mercy, explain your distress and plead for a GP phone consult sooner. The worst they can say is no.

she did say I could try to get an emergency appointment in the morning, but when you try in the morning you can never even get in the system.

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Do you have access to an online area with your GP? I can log into SystmOne and see my own records via my GP surgery.

I do have access. But doctors are so slow that they are put on weeks and sometimes months after i have received copy.

This would drive me mad. I hope you manage to get the results before the appointment.

It is driving me mad. Its not i am waiting to see if i have a cold

still going mad here

A letter is at the doctor’s but waiting for the doctor to have a look at it. Not likely to be any time soon.
The consultant secretary is still on holiday.

Normally I get a copy of the letter but have not received one. Not sure if not included this time or just delayed with the post.