How do you get through this

can someone give me some hints/tips on how to get through this because I cant.would love your help I think I really.need it.

i know I know it could be worse

i could be a slug

then my tears would melt my face

Hi, When I was first diagnosed I brought a book by Judy Graham MS its a great book it gave me hope and still does, which is what you need esspecailly when you are first diagnosed,I still find some days really hard after 5 years of being diagnosed, but it gets better in time,I find I need to push myself to do things and do feel better afterwards and I keep moving when I sit still I get more symtoms

I hope you feel better in time.

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Have a look at the "Steph test post ".

Those last two lines are such a poetically perfect way of summing up how I feel right now too.

There are lots of ways we can help ourselves manage better, but some days, like today, I am overwhelmed by it all and I just can’t do anything.

Like you, I know it could be worse, but that doesn’t mean our feelings about our present and future aren’t valid.

Is there something particular on your mind at the moment? Or is it ‘just’ everything?

hi sloth

try to find a beautiful place where you can sit outside with a cuppa.

also find a buddy who is also disabled as if i’m with an able bodied person i try too hard to keep up.

i am still relatively mobile and still drive.

so i call for a friend who has transverse myelitis and she has it badly.

i took her for lunch yesterday to a local marina with a lovely cafe run by by adults with learning difficulties.

the sun shone warmly on us so we sat outside with our coats and cardis off.

she was so happy that i’d called for her that it put my own woes into perspective.

if your misery doesnt respond to this try mindfulness meditation, fantastic way to distract your mind.

your user name is slug, but that doesnt mean that you are one!

you are important so don’t you dare feel that you have been written off.

find out where your nearest ms therapy centre is. go there and meet loads of people who understand but it remains a happy place.

if you still need cheering up, send me a private message if you like.

carole x

Shout, swear, abuse the very diagnosis. Feel vindicated by your feelings. Don’t try to just ignore it, whatever your current personal circumstances or physical condition is, allow yourself to properly grieve for your prior sense of wellness.


Please please please, change that name!!

it sounds sow self damming with traits of self condemnation!

A name can allude to someone’s character, & i don’t think your a fury animal with big eye’s & three fingers living in a tree!!

or are you??

We all get dayz like that. sorry to bang about it.

take care, julien

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Oh, I don’t know:

Sloths are mammals classified in the families Megalonychidae (two-toed sloths) and Bradypodidae (three-toed sloths), including six extant species. They are named after the capital sin of sloth because they seem slow and lazy at first glance; however, their usual idleness is due to metabolic adaptations for conserving energy. Aside from their surprising speed during emergency flights from predators, other notable traits of sloths include their strong body and their ability to host symbiotic algae on their furs.

(from Wikipedia)

Conserving energy for when you need it seems like a clever trick, to me. And they are pretty damned cute, too :wink:


sorry, i stand corrected! i didn’t know that!,flight’s from predators would of cum in handy for me! but alas,

but yes they are pretty cute!! i will keep my neck shuut…

All hail the Sloth, long live the Sloth,

that giv’s me an idear… today must be remembed as national Sloth day 14,oct!!! time 4 a party me thinkx!! after breakfast anyway.

av a gud one, julienx

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You should hear me on the subject of vampire bats. Very misunderstood creatures…

Convoluted philosophical point coming up:

Which all goes to show that the same thing can look very different depending on your perspective (see what I did there?)

Which I suppose is the key here: we can’t change the fact of the ms, but what makes the difference to how we feel is the context we surround it with.

That sounds really trite, and I don’t mean to say it is easy to change and become more positive, but attitude is something that can change. So it’s always worth keeping on keeping on.

And this little segue into exotic mammals, thanks to juju67, has quite cheered me up. How are you feeling today, Sloth?


Hi, my initial reaction to your name was how much I adore looking at sloths…So beautiful.

But then I did think calling yourself one could be negative.

But then when I read the explanation about conserving energy and being quick if threatened, I likened that to a lot of us.

We may not be quick in body these days, but if someone maligns us, we can be quick in mental reaction.

So, yeh, sloth is a good name.

Now then hunny, to the question in your post about how do we cope?

Okay, I`ve been dealing with disability for around 16/17 years now.

It stinks, I hate it with a passion,


theres chuff all we can do about being saddled with this uninvited monster,. We cant give it back, or let someone else take a turn (which is sometimes what I say when folk say how brave` I am and how do I manage), so if we wanna live the best life we can, we gotta attack it the best way we can.

My way is to plan fun things…trips out and short break hols. Then rest, rest and rest as much as possible.

You need a pretty good network of support around you…I am lucky I have that. But I went a long way to make that happen.

Actually Ive just sacked one of my 4 carers, as she was bringing me down mentally and it got so bad, I dreaded seeing her. I feel relieved shes gone!

Pamper yourself with lovely stuff.


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You get through it one day at a time.

I like sloths they are cute and I think one of the few critters that I could bet in a race I’m not keen on slugs though One day at a time, one wobbly step at a time and remember to breathe M

eeurgh! slugs are horrid creatures, sliming their way into my house and even up the stairs.

i didn’t know they could climb stairs, thought that was only daleks.

i never scream at the dead prey that the cat brings in but i scream like a soppy girl at slugs.

Sloths = very sweet animals and as a slow moving creature myself, I am rather envious of their ability to put on a spurt of speed when required. If I were to be threatened by a predator, I’d be a goner.

Slugs = extremely unpleasant critters. I once lived in a house (many years ago) which was infested with them. And if you’ve ever trodden on a slug with your bare foot in the middle of the night, then I think you have the right to absolutely hate them. I have and I do.


OK, I love a challenge:

Most slugs, yes, yucky pests. I too lived in a house which was covered in them. But the leopard slug is kind of beautiful, and it doesn’t chomp on your plants or live in your house, and its sex life is unusual, to say the least BBC Earth | Home

As you can all tell, one of the ways I get through this is nature. It is so diverse and fascinating, and even though for a long time my plan was to save up to go to Costa Rica in a couple of years from now to explore the rainforest but that’s not going to happen now, just watching the birds at my bird feeders cheers me up. Dunnocks, for example, superficially the dullest birds in your garden, frequently cohabit as a ménage à trois.

I suppose it boils down to finding ways to take you out of yourself.

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I was having a bit of a moment about an hour ago and looked at the NHS website. There is a link on the NHS page to a free online course ‘Living Life to the Full’ and ‘is a practical course to learn coping skills for when life gets on top of you’.

Has anyone done this course before?

It’s a CBT course written by a psychiatrist. I’ve done CBT before but wondered how useful this course might be as a refresher?

Mindfullness of every day, everything, adjusting to my new world and

Pearl Jam, Metallica, Drum and Bass, Limp Bizkit, Punk, Bruce Springstein Hungry Heart! Four hours of all that lot and my chosen tunes on youtube and I don’t care about M.S.

What keeps me sane? Family, living each day and my stereo. If you can’t get out much, bring the quality in. If I am awake at stupid o’clock because everything hurts, headphones and Drum and Bass.