how do I stop myself panicking

I’ve been on here before mainly due to not being able to empty my bladder properly, and leaking afterwards. Although it is a slight problem during cooler weather (the stream is good and I only leak a little afterwards) it only really becomes a problem when its hot (the stream is reduced and there is more of a sensation that I haven’t emptied my bladder fully). I’ve been to see the doctor about it before and he said it was probably nothing to worry about, perhaps because I didn’t explain my symtoms properly and because it wasn’t that severe at that time. During the winter it just became a background thing and I didn’t really think about it much. I got diagnosed with vitamin b12 defficiency in march (I went to see the doctor due to excessive sweating) and thought that I’d be able to say goodbye to 7 years of thinking I might have ms. My symptoms haven’t cleared up however and I can’t get tested again for vitamin b12 levels until the end of the month. When I first posted on here I was in a complete panic and told myself after I got out of it that I’d never get that way again. However recently I’ve gone back into my old ways and the weather is getting warmer which makes my symptoms worse. I try to be rational with myself (its a weekend so I can’t do anything now, apart from the bladder problems my symptoms don’t bother me that much, I can still walk perfectly well after 7 years and even if I did have ms there’s nothing I can do about it and it wouldn’t change much in the short term etc) but sometimes the brain fogs over with panic and I keep worrying about things that may or may not happen in the future and I can’t reason with myself to stop worrying. I am going to go to the doctor again as soon as possible and explain my bladder problems fully particuarly since they are getting worse again. Writing about my problems does seem to help but I can’t come on here everytime I get worried.

You can come on here as much as you want Anon, particularly if it helps (that’s what this forum’s for).

I would recommend asking your GP to refer you to your local continence nurse. They will be able to do a quick scan to see if you’re emptying your bladder properly, and follow up as they see appropriate.

As you probably know, B12 deficiency can mimick MS, but I don’t know if you’ve had a referral to a neurologist? Either way, continence issues are not pleasant, and it will be one thing less for you to fret about.