How can I do periodic or regular check for MS?


I’m new here and I have a question.

Three weeks ago, I lost about 40% of the vision of my right eye due to MS. I take medicines and doctor said I should be OK.

I do not want to loose anything else in the future. I need to prevent MS complications. How can I detect my immune system when it attacks my brain again? Is there a periodic or regular check? Should I do MRI test on my brain each month or something like that? What should I do after recuperation so that I detect the MS before symptoms appear again?

Thank you very much,

Hi mate,

The first thing you must do is calm down; worrying will only make matters worse. Easier said than done I know!

Are you diagnosed MS? I presume you think it is Optic Neuritis If your Doctor agrees the only help if it does not naturally get better are Steroids.

Trying to ascertain when an attack will occur is impossibility. It could be your doctor a Neurologist I hope is giving you DMDs. Having an MRI every week is not only very expensive but pointless. I understand your anxiety but you must go through the set procedure otherwise you will get nowhere fast.

MRIs are not infallible either; it must be a high resolution say 3 Tesla to get a good image; then t depends on how many slices; voxels’ are asked for?

Good luck mate and try to stop worrying.


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Hi, it doesnt work like that in the uk Micheal. Are you in the uk?

Have you had a recent diagnosis of MS? It`s not clear in your post, although you say the eye problems were due to MS.

You`d never get an MRI that often on the nhs, nor would you get it privately as it just isnt that straightforward. Lesions probably wouldnt show as soon as that.

If you can take desease modifying drugs on prescription, then that`s the best you can do to keep attacks at bay…but it doesnt always work.

You could look after yourself by diet, activity and sleep, and see how it goes.

MS has a mind of it`s own and we cant be in total control of it.

Sorry, I know this isnt what you hoped to hear, but you just gotta go with the flow I`m afraid chuck.


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