housing and benefits

hi i want to know how can i apply for disability, my pip was refused because i could talk and go on the toilet though i told them for this sometimes i need help
i’m not really into my illness every day and trying to ignore it. but it’s not. i saw an article on gov.uk that people with ms are disabled
even if they can’t get pip. but it didn’t say how to , i want at least to be useful ones and help my family to have a permanent home but no one listens not housing even

Not sure I understand your question. By “disability”, do you mean Disability Living Allowance, because for the most part, DLA has been superseded by PIP? And Income support has been replaced by Universal Credit.

MS is a recognised form of disability, but it’s not the label itself that creates benefits awards, it’s the manner in which your life is affected that the assessors are investigating, whether by DWP or local authority for Housing. Do you have someone who can speak on your behalf?

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thanks for your response i meant something that give me priority for housing cuase i wasn’t successful in having pip my life was not that hard but i cannot still work i’m not fit and my doctor confirmed it with fit note every time. i thought mybe there is a way to register somewhere as disability person not just for benefits and pip but for other benefits like housing and blue badges

Blue Badges tend to be managed by county councils and housing by district councils, although in many areas they are combined into unitary authorities.

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The Equality Act 2010 does (I dimly recall) mention MS specifically as a disabling condition that automatically obliges employers to consider (although not necessarily to accede to) requests for ‘reasonable adjustments’ to enable a person to keep his or her job. As far as I am aware, this is one of the very few benefits that the MS label automatically confers. Otherwise it’s mainly down to how the condition affects the individual, as others have said.

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how can i start this ?
thanks for your response

i’d tried them but nothing happens they just passed me on pip and pip people rejected me i want to try another time this year
mybe lucky