Hot topic!

It may well turn out to be a daft question, but what makes a hot topic HOT!

Thank you from a new oldie! other words ‘confused old git’.



Hi from one ‘confused old git’ to another, who knows, as I sure don’t know, unless it’s one of those topics that everyone joins in?

Janet x

After posting this I did wonder if it was the amount of responses that did it, but on the other hand that does not mean it’s a hot topic, surely it must be the level of importance!


yet another ‘old git’ also confused, really hoping to see what makes a hot topic too. if it is importance, who decides what IS important, hmmm…

feeling way more than a year older every passing year.

wendy x

On here Hot and Sticky mean the same thing…Well, you did ask

Wb x

Good point, I have added buddies.

We don’t know if we have been added by anyone which is a shame because it was always a nice compliment.

Also as far as I’m aware we cannot see when any buddies are online, in my opinion it begs the question ‘why add buddies’…but saying that I bet I’m missing something!






But in that case don’t you want them to stay together…your cleverererer than I thought for a wheelie!