hospital trip but not for MS - hooray

Went to hosp for problem not related to MS, felt like a “normal” person. Had a camera down throat to take pics of my heart that an ECG had shown to have irregular beat. Pics inconclusive so it’s off for an MRI. Will bring back memories of MS diagnosis…heh ho, happy days. Still awaiting appt for another camera to take pics of bladder - MS related, incontinence and neverending infections.

Hi, I hope nothing serious is found re your heart tests.

I had tests for that a few years ago, when I had chest pains. Becase I have zero mobility, they couldnt put me on the treadmill, as the usualy do to monitor the heart. Instead they laid me on a bed and injected me with something to cause my heart to race and then took my bp at different levels. it wasnt pleasant, specialy when coming down.

There were no heart problems…but…acid reflux!!! Meds have dealt with it mostly.

Also had the bladder/kidney scans and an spc ftted. Better now…mostly!

Good luck with it all.

luv Pollx

Thanks poll, at least my kidneys are brill…