Hormone related issues

My menstrual cycle is regularly irregular - 29 - 33 days. But the one consistency is that for 2 to 3 days before my period starts I am completely floored. From Monday evening this week I’ve spent 30 of the past 36 hours sound asleep (period started today). This isn’t always the only PMT symptom I get, often my mood spirals down to a very dark place for a couple of days or even a week but for the rest of the month things rattle along at a fairly good and even pace. I take hormone balancing supplements and use a natural progesterone cream which helped initially with my epic night sweats but seems less effective now. Does anyone have any hormone taming secrets? I’ve read that the sex hormone ratios are very important for nerve health and I get so frustrated that I think I’ll just get a hysterectomy and take HRT - then at least I’ll know my hormone levels are as they should be.

Hiya. I know it’s horrible for you but I’m sooo glad that I’m not alone in feeling the way you’ve described. Reading your message has lifted the most enormous weight off me because I honestly thought I was going mad. Even though I take quite strong anti depressants, they don’t help at all during those dark days you described, it really is awful. I too have considered having all my bits removed to try and gain some control over my hormones but do you know if it will actually make much difference? WIth regards your night sweats, get some Sage capsules from a health food shop, not th ones in supermarkets as they’re not really strong enough. I have them and they’re fan-flippin-tastic, work straight away, they’re natural Sage, and my night sweats have actually gone away and I haven’t taken any Sage for weeks now. Honestly, Holland & Barrett staff are really good at suggesting various remedies for ailments if you ask them. I was scpetical but it works. Good luck x