Hoping I can ask for some advice after a long break

Hello everyone, I joined at the end of last year (I think!). You were all so nice and helpful at the time. I have been looking at posts for a few weeks plucking up the courage to post again. I will try to keep this short, I am always fatigued and have been since I was 17. This has been an ongoing battle that I have tried to accept and live with. 7 years ago my son was born and about 9 months after my thyroid started to struggle and was subclinical on and off for ages. I was put on levothyroxine to support my thyroid until it went under, it never has. I then had problems with my balance, my work colleagues said I looked drunk quite often and sometimes it felt like I was walking on rubber. I used to get fog in my left eye so went for an eye test for which everything was fine. 2 years later I needed glasses and since then my prescription has changed twice more but I have put that down to ageing. In 2009 I started to get odd sensations in my legs after 5 minutes of walking from my work car park to my desk. As soon as I stopped and sat down I got something similar to pins and needles/numbness. Then i had an almost numb feeling in my nose, tongue upper lip ( bit above). I rang NHS Direct and they said don’t worry about it. I left it 6 months before going to GP as he is normally quite dismissive of me and he said that what I was describing was called parasthesia and that is associated with MS but it is unlikely to be that. So I went away and tried to forget about it. A year later I had a large patch of burning skin on my left leg that lasted a couple of weeks in the evening. I ignored it. I was made redundant last year and I was hoping that all these new symptoms were down to stress and would go away. This hasn’t happened. About 3 weeks ago symptoms have returned but worse. Pins and needles started waking me up at night in my left leg that lasted a week. Then the following week numbness type feeling in my nose and along my left cheekbone for a few days. After this stopped my arms and legs feel so heavy it’s ridiculous and normal tasks around the house are difficult as my arms tire so easily, I feel far older than I am. Dropping things, hands feel useless and balance is poor. On Sunday a patch on my left leg became so hyper sensitive and painful, not felt that before. I feel really bad when the weather is hot and when my temperature goes up, I.e. ovulation or pre-period ( fatigue). I apologise for the long post. I would be very grateful for anyone’s opinions, I am not assuming there is anything majorly wrong but I am concerned because I feel all wrong! My GP is nice but dismissive.

Hello and welcome back Samantha,

I would be inclined to see your gp and ask to be referred to a neurologist, explain to him that things have progressed and you do not feel well at all. Please don’t apologise for your post I feel for you and the pain you are in. Explain to your gp exactly how you feel, if he’s dismissive again, see another gp until one actually listens to what you are saying. Fatigue is a classic sign of ms, as is pins and needles but I’m not a doctor and it could be something else. But do push the doctor for a referral. Take care and please let us know how you get on.

I’m sure others on here will be able to give good advice and support you through your rough time.

Take care.



Hi Samantha and welcome back to the site,

What your GP ‘thinks’ is neither here nor there really because he’s not qualified to make the decision on whether it’s ms or not - only a neurologist can do that.

Jot down your symptoms (keeping them brief but concise) and go back to your GP. If he still doesn’t listen and continues to be dismissive then maybe it’s time to see another doctor instead. Are there any other GP’s at your surgery?

Symptoms of this nature could be one of many things some of which are easy to rectify -hence most GP’s run basic blood tests first - but if nothing obvious is flagged up then he really should refer you to a neurologist.

You know your own body Samantha and it’s pretty clear that something is going on, so be firm with your GP. Stick to your guns.

Good luck & in the meantime (((hugs)))

Debbie xx

In complete agreement with Janet and Debbie. Time to get assertive - there is too much going on to be dismissed out of hand. Ask for a referral to a neurologist. If the GP asks you what you think is wrong, tell him/her that you have no idea, but that you are steadily getting more problems that appear to be neurological and that you cannot pretend everything is alright any more.

Be firm. You need to see an expert.

Good luck!

Karen x

Thank you so much for your replies. I didn’t want to respond until I got assertive and did something. Well, today I saw my GP and I finally have a Neuro referral. I don’t know how long it will be before I get my appointment and my GP has said again that my symptoms are not consistent with MS but the sensible thing to do is see a specialist. I did what you advised Karen to not mention my worst fears of MS. He mentioned it and told the Neuro in the letter (dictated in front of me) that my symptoms were indicative of MS but were not presenting in the usual way. I just wanted to say thank you all for your help and advice and I am really hopeful that I will get some kind of indication of what has/is going on. I hope it will be okay to keep reading/contributing to posts as I feel safe and understood here :slight_smile: Sam xx