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well then, the majority voted out in the EU referendum, too many migrant workers seem to be the main concern, now the main concern is where is the home grown worker, fruit and veg growers are looking for 80,000 workers to harvest crops, the growers fear the lack of migrant workers will hinder business, the people wanted British jobs for British workers, not all British jobs are cushy in nice office environments, most are hard work for the barest of wages, so, stand up and be counted brush unemployed, Brian

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Hubby has always said that the reason we have so many Eastern European migrants in the UK is that they are prepared to do hard work for minimum wage. It seems that some of the British have become too fastidious over the kind of jobs they’re willing to do.

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bloody too right!

my husband and sons work in the construction trade and have nothing but praise for eastern europeans.

And let us all remember that the vast bulk of the East European migrant workers are in the agricultural sector.
30+ years ago, all the stoop labour in the fields of Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, and Norfolk, was done by women.
When they got a chance to work inside, in the dry, and the warm (in the veg packing plant) can you blame them for making a move?
When the farmers/growers can not get local labour to replace them, can you blame them from recruiting EU migrants?

And remember two things:

  • 30+ years back, all the workers were controlled by the Gangmasters - these have now been partly replaced by “Employment Agencies”
  • The supermarkets will tell you that we all want standardised fruit and vegetables in nice standardised plastic packaging.

We, the public, have bought this situation about.


following on from doctor geoff a lot of people feel the same.

i used to love finding the funny shapes vegetables as a kid.

as an adult working on the fruit market there was a daily obscene veg of the day!

hugh fearney whitingstall of river cottage campaigns for real organic food.

a great new fruit shop has opened on my street and it’s so good to be able to handle the fruit and veg yourself (it’s a self service).

think i’ll have a banana

carole x

And Morrisons sell “Wonky Asparagus”. Funny thing is that it tastes just the same.