Holiday Insurance

Where’s the best place to get travel insurance for America and the Caribbean? Obviously, I now have to declare my illness but the 1st quotes have come up really high. Any websites I can look at?

I used the comparison site (one with the mongoose family member) for our family trip to Florida and the best quote was from AA, the car recovery people. Weirdly it was cheeper to get a year’s worth rather than just for our holiday?

OK thanks I’ll take a look and how weird that yearly is cheaper than 1 trip holiday.

I’ve recently just taken out travel insurance to America and found that the Post Office offered me the best price.

I used a company call Allclear. They are designed for people with long term health issues. X

Thanks all x


I go on lots of cruises to Caribbean and Europe usually for 2 weeks once for 6 weeks

Had MS for 16 years and BP for 30 years

Cost is usually £150 fo Carib and £65 for Europe, for the 6 weeks it was £300

They ask on line if you have had a relapse in last 12 months and if you are waiting to go in hospital which for me is a no

Insure for Travel

Make sure you pick up the correct one on the search engine