holiday insurance advice

Hi All,

For the last few years when getting travel insurance i have used a company call All Clear. Its a company that specialise in pre exisitng conditions but after a relapse last year and a hip and back problem my insurance has gone up litterally by 9 times the cost. Any suggestions on other companies or ways to get the cost down?

Im pressuming that it will come down in August as that will be a year since my last hospital stay but im so struggling to get a break away.


I took out mine with the MS Society. £99 for a family of four for 10 nights and covers everything I have wrong! HTH

Hi I’ve just booked a holiday to lanzarotti in oct and our insurance was £35 I think plus an extra £15 for me and that’s for 5 of us…that’s was just through the travel agent Emma

Hi Mark

I work for Free Spirit Travel Insurance and we are a specialist travel insurance provider and cover the majority of medical conditions and disabilities. We may be able to asist with your insurance & to find out for your self you could look at our website under the same name.

If you would prefer to speak with a medical screening operator, they are based in the UK and have great wealth of medical knowledge, details can be found on the website.

I hope this information has been of use to you and I hope you are able to obtain the travel insurance you need to ensure your have that peace of mind protection when you travel.

Kind regards