holding each others` hand

Morning guys!

Hope everyone is doing as well as they can. Im having a duvet day.legacy of filling in the ESA tome` yesterday.

Had a thought…

lets all stand or sit, holding the hand of a fellow form probably reach from John OGroats to Lands End.

Im in Ellnad West Yorkshire, waiting for a hand........whos next?

let`s just see how long this post can go on, eh?

much love


Just want to add…

Boudicca in her chariot will lead the group…

luv Pollyx

I don’t know if a Leeds hand would stretch to Elland but there are a number of Leeds MSers who use these boards. Once they get hold I can join in. (I’m technically Leeds too but Otley is about as far away from Elland as you can get)


well im a bit too far away at the moment , just outside glasgow, but use to live in burley-in-wharfedale going back to see the area in june for old times sake

Has anyone spotted the deliberate mistake yet?

Im not in ELLNAD............its Elland!

luv Pollx

ain’t it bl***y marvellous that when our brains are just about at their most fried , we have a million forms to keep filling in ? this month alone I’ve had ESA, (twice cause they lost the first one ) , blue badge re application , plus updated photo of how bad I look now !! , my wife said it was a good job my eyes were open cause even in colour my complexion looked deathly white !! LOL (along with a hospital parking fine cause I’d let the date lapse GRRRRRR) ,

and now got to reapply for my 3 year driving license !! , which is not looking good cause I’ve just relapsed again and am now on day two of swallowing 20 steroids a day !! , headache and metal taste and reflux sort of sum it up !! , oh I forgot I had route canal surgery yesterday morning , (shows how bad I feel about forms when I forget route canal ? ) on the plus side I’ll join hands when you reach the Wash on the East coast


I’ll join hands when you come down south… even though I haven’t had my forms yet… I need to hold hands as I’m dreading getting them!!!

Pat x

I’ll hold hands, might not be near enough to Poll & Jane but if you pull hard enough I might stretch :slight_smile: I’m Tingley nr Leeds Sue x

Got my ESA & DLA forms to fill in this week and I’m dreading it! It’s so depressing having to think about all the stuff I can’t do anymore…grrr!

Reaching for Pat as she’s a bit closer to me but my arms are starting to ache! Maybe when a few more are on board I’ll try again!

Mags xx

I’m doing my ESA forms so i’ll hold hands. i’m in Keighley west yorkshire so i’m fairly close.


i did mine but will still join in im in leeds Barbara.xx

Not got mine yet, but terrified of it so somebody holding my hand would be glady recieved. i live in Leicester so i can join the north, south, east and west up if that would help.

Lisa x

I will join hands when I learn to swim! as I am in Northern ireland lol.


I’ll hold and streach as much as I can…from my home in the suburbs of Glasgow

well i’m in bolton so sort of middle

i have long arms anyway

carole x

I’m still working (for now - got meeting today about reasonable adjustments to facilitate my return to work. My classroom’s upstairs and I’m now in a wheelchair so we’ll see what happens). So I’m not subject to the dreaded forms just yet. I’ll happily join hands in solidarity with you all though - I’m in Cumbria. Can we stretch over the Pennines?

I can stretch my arms over to link with Cumbria …I’m in lovely Northumbria. Xx

Well what a lovely, big, warm circle we all make.

If only the DWP and Mr C. would pay us a visit and see just how distressing all these new rules are.

Keep `em coming…this circle can be as big as we make it.

Luvya all!


Here I am in Baildon stretching my arms as wide as I can.

Thanks for letting me join the circle of friends.

C x

I’m in hastings ( south East) so will hold hands with all stretching arms out wide

Hope you don’t mind me joining

Kate x