Hoffman test thingy

Went to see neurosurgeon last week who said my symptoms were not down anything he could fix re my spine but he listened and did a, few tests, with a hammer thing had me standing up did something with my hands. Anyway long story short received post consultation letter that he’s sent to my gp stating positive hoffman test and something about bilateral stuff and rapid something or other and that this is concerning. He’s pulling my brain scans mri from 2 years ago to re look and neck mris. Least someone’s listening. On I plod. This has been going on for over 20 years, but only these past 3 that anyone’s listened to me. It’s, so hard when symptoms come hang around a bit then dissapear.

Hi Paula. I havent heard of Hoffman test…I’ll look it up.

I’ve had PPMS for 25 years, but it took 22 years to diagnose!!

Although I had typical symptoms and used a wheelchair early on, due to complete loss of mobility, nothing showed on MRIs, LPs, EMGs etc.

Hope you soon get answers.