Hives - what a really crap week!

So, collapsing when I got hot on Tuesday wasn’t enough for this week. Now I have come down with hives.

I don’t feel ill. I’m not running a temperature. I have only one allergy, which is a very mild one to latex, and I haven’t been anywhere near any balloons or anything.

The hives are without explanation and are severe. They are everywhere including the soles of my feet and roof of my mouth. My eyes have swollen and become bloodshot, and I look like a monster. My skin feels like it is burning all over. Thankfully it hasn’t affected my breathing.

I’m maxed out on anti-histamines and steroids, which are calming the swelling down and starting to turn the burning feeling to an itchiness.

On top of that someone keeps sticking a knife into my ribs and running it along them.

I’m so fed up with all of this. What the hell does my body think it’s doing?