Hitting the wall

OK so I was diagnosed with MS nearly 2 years ago and it’s taken til now for it to actually register… mentally. I’ve been going thru life saying ‘I’m fine’ just so I don’t upset everyone I guess but this week I have hit rock bottom. I’m just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? I have requested councilling but am still waiting 4 months down the line. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you


I was referred to Psychological Therapies when I asked my GP for help with anger management. The department took so long getting back to me I’d sorted myself out. It turned out it was one of the medications I was on. So I stopped taking it.

How is “rock bottom” affecting you?

Do you have a supportive partner?

What medications are you getting?

Sorry, but there are always a few questions before anyone can answer a question like yours. You can message me privately if you wish.



I’m on interferon injections and plegridy. As for support I have great family and friends. Rock bottom is just the worst! I’m always that person that puts the brave face on everything but I can’t anymore. Enough is enough. And of course questions is natural it’s the only way we learn lol!

Laurs, I have blogged long and hard about the wall. You need to be realistic about everything.

The I’m fine attitude is admirable. I had a really low moment sixteen years ago six years after diagnosis. it was then I began to feel the pressure of trying to be ok. I hit another lowest of the lows eighteen months ago because I was feeling trapped. I had to take stock of everything. I looked at what was getting me down and took some steps.

I bought an electric wheelchair and opened up spaces in the home. This enabled me to start getting control of day to day life. Suddenly I could cook and do the washing. I was also realistic about getting out and about. I think it is about getting control back from the darkness. You’ve taken the first, possibly the bravest step by admitting it on the forum.

My GP gave me citalopram which helped enormously.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Hi, I had psychological therapy and had to wait a while for it. I discovered some free NHS online self-paced CBT courses recently, called Living Life To The Full written by a psychiatrist. I wish I had discovered these courses during my wait. It’s not well advertised and I dive in and out of the courses when I get a few spare minutes.

The link to the Living Life To The Full courses are on the following NHS webpage. Scroll down the NHS page and look out for the kite picture is on the right hand side. Click on the kite picture.


Thank you so much lenny for the link. I’ll be sure to check it out.