History (Not really MS)


The only connection this has to the beast is that I wrote it.

At the age of 62, I’m trying to put my whole life into context from where I stand (or sit) at the moment.

So much has happened in our time yet here we are, still looking for a cure.

You may find some parallels if you wish to read it.


Well written as ever Steve. An interesting trip through time. Btw, the William Morris Museum is in Walthamstow, North East London. I used to drive past it very frequently for several years and to my shame failed to visit it even once.


my son is called william morris but is known as billy. all that industrial history brought back memories of great aunt lizzie having an outside loo. my grandma had one recently. my other gran, known as nan, used to take me for a walk when she got in from work. come on, if we’re quick we’ll see the flying scotman. mum used to ask if i’d seen the flying scotsman, sadly i had no idea it was a train. superman in a kilt. my great uncle jim has a bust of him on display in wigan town hall commemorating his job which involved taking a canary down the pit, if the bird fell of its perch there was dangerous gas. wow, we’ve come a long way, just please don’t waste your vote and send us back to the dark ages.

Idon’t have a problem with outside loos, as long as they are clean and have loo roll, not newspaper or izal (greaseproof paper) very useful when gardening or exterior painting/cleaning, stops kids traipsing through when playing out. Kept our our side loo and wash house for ages, it had a massive sink (dog size) also had a working range but drew the line at the water pump and copper, sold those! this reminds me, saw an ad for kitchens, a baby was being bathed in the sink, cue horrified husband, had to tell him he was likely bathed in the sink, when his dad visited he asked him and he said yes. lol

Carole I remember the flying Scotsman, railway at the bottom of the playing field.