Hip taking SO long to get better!

Hi I fell over 8 weeks ago, on a concrete path, and landed on my right hip. As it was still very painful the next morning my husband took me to A&E, where they x-rayed it and said they didn’t think anything was broken but gave me an appointment for the fracture clinic the next day. Again I was asked about the pain etc and then given another appointment for the FC in two weeks time. At the next appointment my hip was x-rayed again but still no sign of a fracture. I was told to rest and not do anything that made the pain worst. The Dr told me that as an orthopaedic doctor he would, personally rather break a bone as they then heal better than soft tissue damage and/or bruised bone! He also said that, at that stage, hot bathes would help it heal better but I couldn’t get in the bath! I was given another appointment for 4 weeks time and told to try using crutches but still not to do anything that increased the pain. When he said come back in four weeks I thought"why it will be better by then. Come four weeks the pain had lessened but was by no means better. Even if I walked a short distance on my crutches it would increase the pain and my hip sometimes give way. At this point I thought that as six weeks had passed perhaps I should just get on with it and try and ignore the pain but the Dr said otherwise. So keep resting and avoiding anything that increasing the pain and see me again in four weeks. Dr also told me that it will take longer to heal because of my MS. I’m now waiting to see a physiotherapist. Anyone got any ideas as to how long this will go on for? I’m sure there must be plenty of people on here who have been through this :frowning: I getting really fed up with being even more restricted than usual. I can’t use the crutches much as I have “mild” arthritis in my wrists. Went to a family party yesterday (mostly sitting down) and now feel as though I have set things back about 3 weeks! Sorry to go on so much but now beginning to feel quite depressed about it (and all the other MS stuff). I have been extra thourgh as I’m using a 24hr pass word as I forgot mine and I might not be able to add anything later! xx

Hi Teddie sorry to hear you’re still having so much pain after your fall, I think maybe another visit to your GP might help. Eight weeks of pain seems far to much to have to cope with, what with the MS as well, perhaps a word from your GP could get things moving along for you? Also ask the physio for a zimmer frame, it might enable you to move about easier than crutches.


Thanks, Rosina You’re the second person to suggest a summer frame, perhaps I should give it a try! Not much point in seeing my GP as I know they will say “wait and see what they say in two weeks at the fracture clinic”. It’s just so frustrating, feels like I’m going to spend the whole of summer in bed and not because of the MS (well not directly, anyway)! Ho hum, just one of those things I suppose! x