HIP PIP HOORAY..........

Well all that worry and anxiety about going for my PIP assessment, filling in forms etc. I went for my assessment on the 21st and just received my letter.

I have been awarded ENHANCED in BOTH. So relieved, and its until after 2026 so 10 years (doubt i will be here then anyway lol).

So its not all doom and gloom. I was told on the day actually but i didnt say anything just in case. But what helped me so much was i had brilliant supporting letters both by my neurologist and my GP as they were sent request by ATOS.

So relieved its all over.

HAPPY NEW YEAR finally something good has happened.



hope we all get a fair result.

i’m already preparing myself for losing my motability car but i’m really pleased for you

carole x

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Brilliant news Crazy Chick,hope mine go’s the same way but i refuse to loose any sleep over it, what will be will be .

so pleased for you.

J x

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Woohoo. Congratulations to you.

I got my letter just before Xmas. In a funny way it was almost a relief. Instead of dreading the post everyday, I now can get on with it. Mind you, I’m really taking my time. I’m not phoning to start the process until next week. I’ve got an appointment with my physio who’s agreed to write me a supporting letter on Tuesday. Plus I’m now waiting for a letter from my new colorectal surgeon. (Lucky me huh? To have gained yet another doctor!) I’ve collected up a whole load of other letters and reports. So long as I phone them by the 14th January I’m OK.

And I can’t see anyway they could refuse me enhanced mobility, so my new car is safe.

It’s a shocking thing when we are celebrating being so disabled that we fit their crappy criteria for enhanced benefit rates. But that is the reality of life for so many of us now.



I read so much negativity about the assessment and criteria etc, I nearly didnt go i was beside myself. The guy couldnt have been nicer to be fair. He said straight away you wont be here long as we have had great supporting evidence from your neuro and your GP.

He only asked me a few questions about how it affected my life.

I had my care worker in with me and i was in my wheelchair.

The thing is with PIP its not what illness you have been diagnosed with its, how that illness affects your life. my neuro and GP supported how my illness had changed my life and thats important.

The one thing i will say is the first question on mobility can you plan a journey, if anyone turns up at assessment on their own, then they will get 0 points, which could be the points they need.

The thing is for care is cooking, washing and bathing and managing your medications.

I have care worker for all these needs.

My assessor was very nice and genuine and nothing like i expected. The thing is we must make sure we have all the evidence to hand, and also my care assessment for direct payments really helped too.

So a stressful time refused a home assessment by ATOS because the lady who filled my forms in mentioned i got ANGRY AND FRUSTRATED with myself, so ATOS read that as I was aggressive and therefore was not allowed a home visit.

My gp sent the letter supporting me having a home visit but i had my assessment date just before xmas and i really couldnt face ringing and changing it so went.

Anyway its a relief, but from start to finish, having aged uk help me, and my health people on my side has been a huge bonus for me.

TEN YEARS i dont have to bother again, mind you…i cant see me being here then lol…and no i am not being morbid.

Good luck, just say it as it is. xx

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I just checked my award i got full points possible for mobility.

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