Hints and Tips

Hello, My name is Ann. I’ve been diagnosed for 16 years,now secondary progressive. Life’s ticking along ok but I’m findin a few things increasingly difficult. I’m struggling with my memory! I am mid flow in conversation and then it goes…gone. Can’t think what I was going to say or what l’ve said. I can’t think how to get somewhere even through I’ve lived in my town for almost 50 years! Wonder if anyone else has similar symptoms and if they’ve adapted coping strategies… It’s getting to the point where it’s becoming increasingly difficult and embarrassing. Help :frowning: Ann x

Hello Ann

Welcome to this lovely forum

I too have a rubbish memory. I was diagnosed in 2013.

Like PB, I write things down, I have bits of paper everywhere. If I lose the plot mid conversation I either laugh it off, or get frustrated or explain my condition. Just depends who it is I’m chatting with

My sense of direction is absolutely appalling and has been for years. I’m actually relieved in a way, I have an excuse now

Try your best not to get stressed about it because that will only make the problem worse. The more you relax about it, the better. I know that is easier said than done, and believe me! some days I don’t always practice what I preach but it’s still worth trying.

Take care xx