High to all;

Dear All, I would like to Say my bladder Seems better since i had my interstim remote but what i dont understand is i am having lots of joint problems like R.A. servre Pain in my Joints all over my body apart from my elbows doc has me on dihydrocodine which makes my mouth very dry n my hands fingers swell up ive had blood test today lots of stiffness too. I have had more probs since car accident last march then before n the fatigue is really bad i have so much i want to do but am limited as to what i can do cant do shampoo bottles squeeze things jars dropping my phone had to go infor repair twice. This has only happened since accident n im trying to stay positive n sleep is not on my agenda. Help Dolphin500

Dolphin, Did you get your interstim sacral modulator op done through the nhs - or did youo go privately. l asked my GP for a referral nearly a year ago and still waiting to get an appointment. Shall probably have to see the consultant privately.

l am hoping it will control bladder and bowels. What criteria did you need to get assessed.

l am sorry you are experience so much fatigue and weakness. l take vit d3/b12/ magnesium and also LDN. This all helps with fatigue/boosts energy levels and brain cells. Feel much more alert and more able to cope with my ms disabilities.

Hi Spacejacket, I was already under Urology having tests when i was told about interstim so from first finding out about being able to have it was a year really as they had cancer patients to attend to first which is reasonable to say they are priority. So perhaps same reason as above but still worth waiting for i would say. I went bk on friday to see urologist n she said mine is fine just leave it how it is i go bk in 6 mnths. Can you explain what L D N is as ive no idea at all. Thankyou Dolphin500

LDN is Low Dose Naltrexone. Not all GP’s will prescribe it as it is ‘off label’. for info. lt boosts your endorphins- makes you feel brighter - helps with bladder control and fatigue. Many of us, on here, have been taking it for years. l get mine via emed - online private doctor for prescription - they send the script to Dicksons Pharmacy Glasgow and they post it to you. You need a letter saying you have MS - from your GP.

But more and more GP’s are coming round to it. My neuro, is all for it.