high opening intracranial pressure

Hi, me again.

Just had results of lumbar puncture, and awaiting bands, but my opening pressure was high and had to be reduced, is this an MS thing? or unlikely?

It just adds to more symptoms, I have been put on a Acetazolamide to help keep pressure low, , but GP thinks they are still thinking MS. Have quite a few lesions on brain, but not “Typical places of MS”. A sigificantly weaker left leg with upgoing plantars, and balance issues. Positive p-anca. raised eosinophils, suffer with muscle spasms in same leg.

No white cells on lumbar puncture, low lymphocytes, high opening pressure.

Am having another MRI today of head with MRV cerebral viens.

Any views please ???

Thank you


Hello Claire

The intracranial pressure is not related to MS.

Like your GP says, MS is still being considered. It’s just a waiting game at the moment, which is worrying I know.

I hope today’s scan provides more definite answers

Take care xx

Thank you Blossom, hate waiting, my consultant who I have only seen once, has now left, and I am being put on another neuros books so will take longer still I think.