hi everyone, i went to see my neurologist yesterday, I have had ms since i was 14, diagnosed at 18, was always told it was rlapsing remitting now being tolfd its primary progressive. My emotions r going between upset and angry. Idont know why but i have it in my head that this is worse? im only 28.

Hi thanx for your reply sarah. I know I am actually shocked but i have been gradually having more and more difficulty it has been slowly getting worse for a year, the pain,stiffness, fatigue, having to up the pregabalin start on gabapentin and something to combat fatigue, from list of meds shes giving gp. I was in shock and i didnt even get to ask any questions tbh. my visual disturbance has got worse too. Before she told me she said’ i dont mean to scare u’!! I’m only 28, I hadnt ruled out on having anymore children and im terrified. The neuro had said it had started off like rrms, from when i was 14 but that its changed over time. She cant give me DMDs because i dont have massive flare ups and recover to an extent. She said its not secondary progressive so i was relieved at that. Ur reply has helped me so much sarah I’m just scared coz ive had this for years and i know its going to get worse anyway but i didnt realise. When i was younger it wasnt so bad, and i wish i could go back to that xx