Hi to Linda67

We have a new member of the gang… Linda… who has posted on the end of post ‘New to PPMS forum’.

Welcome Linda… it’s nice to have you on board.

Pat x

Welcome from me too, Linda.

I read your reply to another poster and feel your employer isnt sticking to the rules.

I believe they have to send you to a doctor of their choosing, to assess you for the job you are currently employed to do.

If he feels you are no longer able/fit to do it, then he will advise your employer of that assessment.

Then they can either see if they have any vacancies you could do, or offer you early retirement on ill health grounds.

It would be at that point that they come up with a pension package.

Hope this helps. It`s what happened to me.

luv Pollx

Hi Linda,

I just wanted to say hello to all the new members too. Also wanted to thank all who replied to my recent post. Much appreciated.

From my experience I would NOT got to any meeting be it with doctors, employers, benefits people, without someone with you. I am sure that they cannot deny that request. I made a huge mistake of going to see the ATOS doctor on mny own. Never again. She was polite alright, but took absolutely no notice of what I was trying to say. If you have someone with you, they can take notes. They will remember more than you do of what was said. Please always take someone with you.

Regarding employers. Thgey have to make “reasonable adjustments” to your working environment. I was told that this meant you could ask for what you needed and you would get some of it. They do not have to comply with everything. However, you cannot just make one request. If over time, your needs change, you can make another request. Obviously some employers are more reasonable than others.

Please do not just leave work without securing yourself a pension (if applicable). I know it can sometimes be a hard long fight, but it is worth it in the end. After all, you have given your loyalty to that company for years. Please hang in there.

Wishing you all thebest Sunday you can have. Keep warm.


Just wanted to say hi to Linda and all the other new members

that have joined lately, as I have not been on my laptop lately.

Hope everyone is doing ok, just noticed some snowdrops out,

means Spring is close…yippee. I so love the spring, and

this sure has been a hard winter both weatherwise and ms wise.

Keep smiling everyone.

Pam x

Welcome Linda, Hope you’re coming to terms with your diagnosis. It is a tough time but it does help if you have supportive family and friends. Take things on a day-to-day basis and you’ll cope. We are all happy to listen if you want to rant and rave! Teresa xx