Hi! Newbie not diagnosed and looking for advice

Hi everyone,
I’m looking for advice really. Google basically sent me here!
I’m a 50 yr old lady and have had weird symptoms for the last 2+ years that come and go.
Based on symptoms of the last year or so I have been seen by Stroke Clinic and Ophthalmology.

Firstly I’m generally a well person. In December 2019 I suddenly started with Reynaunds, totally out of the blue. Following this Feb 2020 i had random numbness in my lower legs were I felt like areas were numb. This moved to my arm, hand and shoulder. I also had weird eye symptoms when I closed my eyes again only my right eye where it felt like my eyeball was flickering up and down.
I was tested for Rheumatoid - negative.

During this time I also had urge to urinate frequently going about 20+ times a day! I was told it was due to the fact I’ve had 3 kids.

Skip to October 2020.
Had a sudden loss of vision in my right eye (20 seconds maybe). The day after I had what I would call a foot drop?!? Where I felt like I couldn’t feel my right foot and it was slapping on the ground when I walked. Followed by a tight feeling around my chest like I couldn’t breath.
Numbness started in my arm, like I only had 80% power. I was sent to A&E nothing abnormal discovered but referred to stroke clinic. Diagnosed amaurosis fugax, kind of TIA.

Echo, ECG all normal.

The eye flickering started again making my eye feel bruised? My legs felt heavy and weak.

August 2020 another episode of loss of vision in my right eye only for a few seconds. Carotid Doppler normal, ophthalmology normal.

Symptoms eventually resolved but back again this week. 20+ times a day weeing, 4/5 times a day the other way! Random stabbing pains on the right side of my head. Numbness in my right hand arm and my right ankle. Eye flickering again and my eye just feels ? Lazy/bruised.

I’m left wondering do I push for further investigations? I’m not even sure these are signs/symptoms of MS?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :relaxed:

Hi there, your experience sounds very similar to mine for the few years before I got diagnosed. It’s really important to keep pushing for more tests if you feel upto it. Not easy when you might be feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.It was an ophthalmologist who referred me to a neurologist to get a MRI appointment. I don’t want to scare you but things like your eye pain might be due to optic neuritis and your chest tightness might be due to what’s called the MS hug. Hope this helps.