Hi new to the forum. Have 1st neurologist appt this week!!

Hi I am having my first neuro appt this week and wondering if my symptoms are anything to do with MS? For the last 6 weeks I have had calf pain in my left hamstring on and off but both my lower legs hurt when i walk up the stairs and feel heavy and weak. I have pins and needles and pain in my left ring finger pad on and off worse when hot and in shower. Jaw pain for 2 weeks and am constantly yawning and get extremely tired late afternoon. I have lower back pain also. I have always had migraines and am on sertraline for my depression and have been for a long time. Sorry as I know no one is a neuro here but just wondering if any of these symptoms are connected to MS or any other condition? I am starting to feel like a hypochondriacxxx

Hi Selby and welcome…

Well yes the symptoms you describe are MS-like… BUT they are also like hundreds of other conditions… some of which are very easily treated.

Seeing a neuro is the very best thing you can do. They will give you a full physical examination, ask lots of questions and then will probably refer you for an MRI of the brain.

All of this can take a long time… and even after the MRI things are not always straightforward as there is not one single test for MS… so patience is needed!

But you are on the right track to see IF it is MS causing the problems.

Make a list of your main symptoms. Do not make it too long or too detailed as the neuro won’t bother to read it and might think you have health anxiety. Just the main stuff and how long you’ve had it.

Of course nobody on here can tell you if it’s MS… but you are certainly not a hypochondriac. It just might take a while to work out what’s going on and it might not be MS at all.

IF it is MS, it is NOT the end of the world. It is NOT a terminal illness. Most people with MS carry on a pretty normal life… walking, sex, babies, work, etc etc etc. Just having to make a few adjustments sometimes. Even for those of us who are more affected, life can still be good and well worth living.

Best of luck and hope you get on ok at neuro appointment,

Pat xx

Hi Selby, is that your first name and are you a girl? I ask as I have always thought it is a lovely name…plus of course, Selby is near York!

So, back to your post.

Yes, it could be MS, but it could be several other things too.

It is a good idea to take someone with you to the appointment. I do this, as it is so easy to forget what is said, so a 2nd pair of ears is useful.

Write brief nots of your symptoms and questions.

Try not to get too anxious about the meet…I know it`s easy to say that.

If the neuro has any inclings of what is wrong, he`ll order tests.

With me, the first thing my neuro wanted to do was rule out certain things, so he can get a clearer picture.

Good luck.



Make a note of any “strange” symptoms you have had in the past, my Neuro asked me loads about years ago and put on the spot I missed some things out.

Good luck xx

Thankyou for all the advice , weirdly my legs seem to feel a lot better today,( typical) will let you know how I get onxxxx

Hi Selby I also have my first neuro appointment this week, very nervous but I’m sure it’ll all be fine. I don’t know if I have ms although I have had some of the symptoms on and off for a long time, we’ll see what they say. Just wanted to wish you good luck though as I can imagine how you’re feeling! Ang x

I hope your appointment went wellxx I was seen and had a brief neurological examination. He then went on to say my muscles were strong and he was not concerned. He spent ages scraping the bottom of my left foot he didn’t mention anything was wrong. He then sent me for a blood test and a chest xray? Anybody know why??? He is arranging for me to have nerve tests within the next couple of months. He said he was pretty sure I was fine but for peace of mind he would do these tests. I felt a bit stupid really, still have symptoms though so just have to wait I guessxxxx

Hi Selby, I went on Thursday for my appointment, she was very nice but dismissed my list with a quick glance, got me to sit on the examination table and tested my reflexes and looked in my eyes, that was it. She’s convinced I have Vit B12 deficiency so sent me for tests which I’ve had this morning and a follow up appointment on 31st October. I really do hope it’s what she thinks, fingers crossed, I’ll keep you posted though. Sorry to hear your appointment wasn’t that satisfactory. Hope you get some answers from your tests. Let us know how you get on. xxxx

Oh and I felt a bit stupid too but I think that’s just the way they make you feel in general, don’t be disheartened. xx

Hi Selby Obviously not a Neuro but there is a disease called Myasthenia Gravis it is where the muscles become increasingly fatigued particularly towards the end of the day and can improve slightly with rest [it usually starts with drooping eye lids but not always as some cases start in the limbs] The main tests for this are chest x-ray [something to do with the thymus???] nerve testing and blood tests. If this is a possibility the prognosis is good as it can be treated with medication as it is an autoimmune disease.

But like the others said try not to worry too much lol wait and see what the tests say as there are lots of reasons why you have these symptoms and lots that are treatable.

Helen x

The road to diagnosis can be a long and complicated one. For my first symptom I saw a GP, was referred to a&e where one doctor was going to send me for nerve conduction tests but another decided to refer me to an orthopeadic consultant. From there I was also seen by a gynaecologist and I had a spinal x-ray, a lower back MRI and an internal scan.

I was recommended to have steroid injections into my spine. While I was waiting for an appointment for those I was back to my GP and then referred to a&e again, on to an opthamologist where I had an MRI of the eyes(orbits) and from there I was referred to a neuro and another MRI, blood tests and a chest x-ray were all done. At that point I was diagnosed with MS.

So they tend to try and rule the more obvious stuff out which can often be frustrating as it can sometimes feel like a wild goose chase and it’s a bit invasive aswell. But I guess it would be worse if they weren’t even trying to find out what was wrong.

Thanks for all the replies. It has nearly been a month now and still no contact from the consultant regarding my results or next appointment so I’m pretty sure it’s nothing. However since my appointment have had severe right ear pain and could hardly hear for 2 1/2 weeks have had 2 lots of antibiotics and my ears irrigated a week ago. My ear is still sore and painful so i will be going back to GP again this week. I have never had right ear pain before just right jaw pain does anybody have any idea if this could all be related. My husband is getting sick of me moaning and going to the GP constantly, and too be honest so am I. I saw a registrar not a consultant is there anyone I can contact to see when my next appt is? Any advice would be greatly welcomedxx