Hi, I'm Liz!

I’m Liz, 32 and I work at a gin distillery. 3 years ago I started a very physical job as a distiller which I loved, 1.5 years ago I got promoted over to the Quality department as I have a background in Physics so it was a logical step. I’m glad I did as 2 months before I made the move I started limping and tripping. In winter last year I saw a podiatrist about chill blains and just asked about my limp, she then referred me to get an insole made thinking my legs were different lengths, then 6 months of referrals then prompted a physio visit who was very concerned I had MND. Due to NHS wait times I paid to see a neurologist privately and I’m glad I did, I have lesions on my C4-7 and was told it was RRMS, I was referred to an MS specialist, Dr Mills at the Walton Centre in Liverpool. After speaking with him he has changed my diagnosis to PPMS and am currently waiting to go for a lumbar puncture to confirm diagnosis.

That’s me! Hi!

Welcome Liz to the club nobody wants to be a member of! :+1: Sounds like you have a proactive team working on your case. Too many are suffering from a lack of communication & activity due to overstretched NHS.

Due to NHS wait times I actually opted to go private for my initial neurologist appointment, MRI, follow up appt and first specialist appt. I’ve now been referred back to the NHS for lumbar puncture and to go from there. I’m lucky we have savings and I didn’t have to wait!

Hi, I got my diagnosis at The Walton, after getting nowhere for 22 years locally! They are so thorough there.

I am sooo pleased for you it wasnt MND.

Take care chick.

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