Hi I'm Corkie newly recommenced with this Forum

I’ve been dx for 13 years but have had symptoms since the late eighties. I met a good friend on this forum and as her eyesight is not good at the moment, we chat on WhatsApp, she lives in Tasmania. So I have SPMS, I’m a bit of an old hippie, except I don’t do drugs, well I do take far too many prescription drugs. I have the usual bowel and bladder issues and have cognitive problems. I get around on my buggies (one portable one) and one larger faster model. I share my life with a paranoid but loveable cat and a husband, who is very helpful but not always patient. I try to remain independent but often fall over, the last time was outside, I’m very lucky that I never seem to hurt myself. Oh and I love ‘the last leg too’. How are you doing?


Hi Corkie,

Blackbox here, was dx with PPMS in 2013 but think :thought_balloon: I had it since 2008, when the symptoms started. I was walking around with the aid of a stick and progressed to crutches by the time I was dx’d. I now use a wheelchair 👨🏽‍🦽to get around, but furniture walk around the house, occasionally with the aid of my walking stick or crutches.

I don’t let the fact that what MS has taken away from me, bother me (mainly due to the medications I’m on :rofl:). Instead, I have a positive outlook on life and try to find things I can do to bring me enjoyment.

Life is too short to mope about, I’ll only do that once I physically can’t do exciting things.


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Hi Corkie,

Falling without hurting yourself is a great skill to have, I too seem to be lucky that way. Not surprised your husband is not always patient, my wife gets super frustrated with all of the extra clutter and stuff I need getting in the way. It must be very irritating for spouses. I started with RRMS in 1991, moved on to SPMS in 2007 and seem to be inert to just about any drug therapy I have tried. Currently taking nothing but on MS stat-2 trial so either a placebo or statin.
The Last Leg is very funny.
Long may we stay sunny side up.

There is no skill required, just go with it (a bit like cartoon characters) and as I lean to the left (in more ways than one) I seem to just land on my left side.


So true Blackbox

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Hi Corkie I’m Charlie - :four_leaf_clover:

Hi Charlie I hope your ms isn’t going too badly this morning

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