Hi! First ever post on this MSS Forum

I’m Steve, I’m 55 & had my first MS symptoms in about 1997. Diagnosed in November 2000
I have a twin sister who was also diagnosed with MS a year or so before me.
I was mostly symptom free until a relapse in 2019. Since then my symptoms of fatigue & a limp in my right leg have been getting gradually worse. Left leg not 100% either.

Hi @MrB …. Just catching up on some posts. Well welcome to this forum. I am relatively new too and note that posts are in the first instance read by many, replies trickle through. So please don’t be put off by readers and posters that work at different rates.

Sounds like a double ms whammie for you and your sister. Are you both getting support for your symptoms… I ask as appointments and follow ups are somewhat slow at the minute.

Keep posting, I will look out for future posts.

Hi Rogue,

Thanks for your reply.

My sister & I are both receiving Ocrelizumab. Whether it’s helping or not is difficult to say…