Hi Everyone

I hope you’re all well and up to date with all your Christmas preparations.

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks, first feeling really down in the dumps but I don’t know why, fatigue has hit really hard and my balance etc has all gone haywire. I’m picking up now, not looking for sympathy, but I can now imagine how people feel when they relapse though I’m sure it will be a lot worse and last longer.

One big concern I had was my vision, it’s always blurred then I get double vision when I’m tired but it was like that for a lot of the day and at times they itch but at others they poured, tears running down my cheeks though I wasn’t crying. Very upsetting for my family and friends who don’t believe me. I phoned my nurse, sent me to the GP to make sure I don’t have infection and made me an appointment with the Neuro for next week.

The GP asked about my symptoms etc, checked my eyes and then asked me if I thought I had Dementia. I was gobsmacked, what kind of question is that to ask a 44 year old MS sufferer? Have any of you been asked that or am I being over sensitive? Yes I have cognitive issues, my memory isn’t great and I can’t find words, do some stupid things but I don’t think I’m senile. I manage with a diary, calender and numerous notebooks but the way he asked me I honestly started to wonder if he was going to send me out in a very well upholstered van and extra long sleeved jacket. I very nearly hit him.

So, what I’d like to know is: Who of you feel that you’re senile and could have the Dementia label added to your list of problems? Maybe he worded it wrong (I truly hope so) but I also would appreciate it, from my post, whether you think I don’t make sense and am losing the plot.

I only wanted him to check my eyes, and I don’t have an infection but my eyes are drying out then trying to over compensate producing lots of tears, so he’s given me a lubricant which is effective.

Sorry for the long post but I felt I needed to explain. I’d appreciate any feedback please! Take care.

Cath xx

Sorry for the double post, that’s not senility it’s the post not going through despite the orange box turning white.

Cath xx