Hi everyone !!

Well its been a while! I know people have enquired about me and I want to thank you all for that. I’m doing ok, ppms is taking over my body which we all know is the nature of the beast. I’ve stopped looking for cures and finally accepted there are none.

So having had enough of pills and supps I’ve given them all up except vit D. I’m lucky I have a great (expanding!) family with 4th grandchild due in May! Can’t wait!!!

I’m booked for Covid vax on Thursday as Im on “extremely vulnerable list.” Slightly nervous about it but getting my head into a good positive place and I don’t see any alternative if I’m to hug family and friends again, which I really miss. My grandchildren are 5, 3, and 3 and absolutely scrumptious!!

Will report back a few days after jab!!

This site really is a special place with genuine, good people. I hope everyone is coping.


Steve xx

Hello Stevie/Steve

I’m sorry you’re not a member I’m familiar with on the forum and while I’m very glad to know you’re doing well and booked for the jab, I have to admit my disappointment.

I have been asking about the welfare and whereabouts of another Steve. Known as Steve Snore, he’s been absent from the forum since October, after a series of surgeries and treatments. My heart lifted when I saw your post. I was certain he was back. It’s horrible not knowing…

Anyway Stevie, congratulations on your due grandchild. It’s a joy to look forward to. Good luck with the jab!

Nice to see you back and in a good place at the moment. I strongly doubt you will ever be one those people who say “if only I had tried that”, because you must have covered most options available.

I hope you start dishing out those hugs soon.

hi Steve, great to see you back with us…I know you’ve been through a horrendous time.

Hope to see more of you now.

Take care

much love Boudsxx

Hello Steve,

It’s fantastic to see you back again :slight_smile:

Covid jab please don’t worry about it. I had mine a week ago and it just felt as if I had a mild touch of flu for a few days. Well worth it though as a lot better than getting covid.

A friend who works in the NHS said she felt as she had had one to many to drink without touching a drop.

Sorry I dont know you. But nice to see a new person (to me) on here


Hey whammel. Good to see you too mate. How you doin?

Hi Bouds

How are you?!! A smile broke onto my face and a lovely feeling came over me when I saw your name!! I remember you as a kind,warm lady!! Had my jab-all good. speak soon xx

Good to see you. I had the Astrazeneca jab. All good. Be glad to see the back of this virus won’t you? I’ve a feeling it might hurt us a bit more tho. x

Hi Anne. Nice to meet you too. I was dx in 2011 and I was the first Englishman to go to Moscow for hsct. Talk soon x

Hi Anne. Nice to meet you too. I was dx in 2011 and I was the first Englishman to go to Moscow for hsct. Talk soon x

Hiya, to be honest Stevie, I think this covid, in all variants will be with us for good, and just like the flu, we shall have a yearly jab, Brian