Hesitant bladder?

I have had a ‘hesitant bladder’ for a while/years however I have a UTI at the moment - bless! I know sorry folks it’s a bloody nightmare!

Not quite sure why I am bothering you but it’s a slow day and it’s good to share.

ALSO complete side issue there was a devil’s coach horse beetle on my floor this morning probably lucky with the ‘hesitancy’!

Be safe M x

Not sure what you mean by hesitant. Occasionally I just can’t wee I sit there and nothing happens. Distraction helps, sometimes I dig a fingernail into my hand or I sing nursery rhymes…The Grand old Duke of York helped today

Jan x

The demon bladder has been instrumental in slowing my life down. Getting up, getting dressed, showering and cooking fill the day. Oh, and turning around, wondering why I’m staring at the fridge. Best wishes.

Hesitant! can’t go AND don’t stress me by asking for a sample **** Apparently MS can cause it! All a bit more calm today. Be safe M x