Here's our Tree!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, Happy #NationalChristmasTreeDay

What do you think of our tree?.. It’s decorated with signed paper chains from our fab supporters!


Hi Oliver

Tree looks very festive, well done, I will try and find some inspiration to do mine soon.

Can I please ask how do you manage to put a picture up, but please bear in mind that I am not very computer savvy, so easy to understand computer language please.

Pam x

Thanks, Pam.

This is something we’re looking in to making easier but in the meantime you can either copy and paste a link to the picture in your post or if the picture has been posted online, right click on it and select ‘copy image’ you should then be able to paste it in to your post by pressing the Ctrl + V keys on your keyboard (at the same time).

wow thats so nice ,thanks for sharing

J x

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Thanks, J. The colours, certainly cheers up a gloomy looking day outside!



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Thanks Oliver, I use an iPad and don’t seem to have a control button, never mind.

Pam x