Her concentric letter

I’m really worried as I have received a letter from hmrc Concentrix regarding tax credits, the letter states they think another adult is living with me. I have to send my bank statements to them. My x husband & I have never been formally separated but have split 2 years ago & do live apart. He does stay here 3 nights a week to help me with my illness but he also does shopping for me & I transfer sums of money to his account for anything he has bought for me. I’m really worried they are going to think I’ve been claiming fraudulently & the stress is making ms worse. Has anyone else had a letter like this & what has been the outcome


sorry i havent a clue but i would go to cab asap.

they will be able to tell you about carers allowance and the hours involved and the rules about staying over and shopping on ur behalf etc

take care, ellie