henry hits back!

Afternoon campers! Just been banged on the head by henry........again! He does this too often for my liking. Thing is it could be avoided if I didn`t hook the straps on/off before he`s low enough.


What the chuff am I waffling on about?

Henry the hoist, of course.

he sure packs a wallop at times.

luv Pollx

You be careful x

Sorry to read this Poll, I hope he treats you more kindly in future.


Hi Poll

Sounds like "horrible Henry" to me. Take care


Horrid Henry......


Naughty Henry, doesn't he realise who he's dealing with??

Take care.

Janet x x

Ouch…hope Henry didn’t hurt you too much Poll. Sybil my stannah stairlift has conked on me twice recently and left me stranded!!! Good job hubby was in to rescue me!!! Oh the joys…
Take care
Linda xx

Take care with Henry Poll, perhaps he needs taming before he gets too out of control!

Teresa xx

I'm glad it is Henry the hoist, here was me worrying you meant 'Henry the hoover' I was concerned you had gone completely bonkers trying to battle with him!

Don't forget when you are driving its mirror, signal, manouver - you will have to get yourself a mantra for when dealing with Henry.

Take care (more care that is!) Luv Ann

Ta lots my lovlies for your support.

He very nearly got me again this morning......but I dodged his wallop!

Henry the Hoover? What`s a hoover? Haven`t touched one for yonks!

Henry is also a greedy chuff! The so and so seems to want a lot of electricity to keep assisting me. Now you all know that I am a rotund Yorkshire lass, but flippin` `eck............his literature declares he can happliy lift a 30 stone weight.....................and here`s me, a mere 25!

I`ll preactice my t`ai chi mantra.....

`ooom, calm your self

ooom, calm your self`

Luv Pollx