Good evening everyone

has anyone got any good advice as to how I can cope with spasms and stress, my ex-husband has filed for divorce and I do not know where to go for legal help as I am totally bedridden and alone, but the stress is playing havoc with spasms, insomnia and my mental health

any advice gratefully received

thank you

Sorry to hear this.I wonder if welfare rights could maybe help,and point you in the right direction. Google for the local one to you for the phone number.The spasms, you can phone your dr to see if he could give you something to help.When my spasms get bad i take a diazepam tablet to help,but not very often as they can be addictive.If you have an MS nurse try ring her she might be able to offer some support.


Everything Kookie has said and slow down, stress is awful so don’t let it take hold. Good luck

So sorry to hear this. Try Citizen’s Advice. Good luck. Anne

Thank you to all that took time to answer and give good advice, my ex is steaming ahead with an online divorce, I’m on gabapentin and baclofen, Doctors recently upped The dosage but as we all know stress and MS aren’t very compatible, I can’t afford a solicitor and I cannot get legal aid, citizens advice all good had help from them before but I really need a free solicitor if anyone knows one :slight_smile: stay safe everyone

Hi Julia, i know you used to be able to get some free time from a solicitir via CAB. Is this still the case?

I feel very sorry for you in your situation.

I cant believe how much pressure your soon to be ex is putting on you, when he obviously knows how ill you are.

Take care sweetheart.


Do you need legal help? If you’re not fighting over a house or children you could simply let it take its course.

I hope this is resolved for you soon and your symptoms ease.

Best wishes

Jan x

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